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SUBTECH is one of the well-known manufacturers of Automatic Mains Failure Panel including Protection for DG sets. It uses an advance technology to make an easy and trouble-free Genset control.

Basic Operation Cycle
When there is mains supply, the AMF Panel will keep the load on mains fail, the AMF Panel senses this and starts the Genset. Once the Genset is found running the load, it is transferred to Genset supply. When mains resume, the load is transferred back to mains supply and Gensets is stopped. In actual operation various inbuilt timers are used and these are as follow
  • Start Delay or Blackout Timer : Time delay from mains failure to DG Genset starting
  • Warm up Timer : Time delay from Genset running to load transfer on DG supply
  • Mains Ok Timer : Time delay from mains sensing to load transfer on mains supply
  • Cool down Timer : Time delay from load transfer on mains to DG shut down
  • Lop Bypass Timer : Time delay during which LOP signal is NOT sensed
  • Fault Relay Timer : Maximum time duration for sounding hooter after fault is sensed (If reset key is not pressed)

  • Subtech electronic AMF panel is designed very simple that anyone can operate
  • Programming the panel is so easy to understand i.e. here just by simple turning ON and OFF of micro switches one can get the desired results and This does not need a technical expert person
  • Diagnose mode present in the Panel is very helpful for testing of Control Panel and engine, for commissioning of the Gensets, for routine Preventive Maintenance and fault finding

The booster & harness is including with AMF Panels for fitting on DG body. This device is connected through control connection of DG. No required for engine relay & any wiring.

Salient Features
  • Battery Charger
  • Automatic engine starting and stopping
  • Automatic load transfer
  • Automatic shut down on faults namely
    • Over speed
    • Under speed
    • High temperature
    • Low oil pressure
    • Activating spare fault inputs.
  • Diagnose mode for trouble finding.
  • 5 relay output with indications namely
    • Inbuilt hooter
    • Crank
    • Solenoid
    • Mains contactor
    • Dg or alternator contactor
  • Led indications for alarms namely
    • Set run
    • Mains ok
    • Start faultier
    • Hct
    • Lop
  • Two tripping spare inputs
  • External remote start
  • External remote stop
  • Auto/manual mode select by remote (WIRE)
  • Single three phase mains sensing (Selectable)
  • All timers inbuilt
  • Auto test mode(periodic start stop)
  • Lop disconnect warning
  • Operation without Lop interlock possible
  • Mandatory Crank Logic for cold climate
  • Protection for DG Sets even when AMF Panel DC Power is OFF

AMF Panel Front LED indication Details
  • MAIN RED LED : When On mains power OK, it indicates Mains is incoming & Amf sensed
  • Gensets GREEN LED : When Green LED glows it means DG Gensets is running
  • Fault Red LED : When On it goes on whenever some fault is generated or fails to starts if Gensets is not running. Such as LLOP / HCT / NO FULE / LOW BATTER
  • Auto Indicate the system of Auto Mode
  • Manual Indicate the system of Manual Mode

There are in all two modes in which the AMF Panel operates. These are as follows

In auto mode the Gensets is controlled by the mains supply signal. Following are the Sequence of events,
  • Mains Present
    • When the mains is present, the AMF Panel will SWITCH On the EBCB (electricity board circuit Breaker) and LOAD will get Mains supply (LOAD ON MAINS)
  • Mains Fail
    • On Mains Failure EBCB IS SWITCHED OFF
    • Start Delay time starts
    • When the start delay is over CRANKING starts .Set Run LED blinks fast
    • Once Gensets is found running DGCB is SWITCHED ON. Set Run LED remains ON
    • LOAD will be transferred on Gensets. (LOAD on DG Genset
  • Mains Resume
    • MAINS LED turns ON and MAINS OK timer start
    • AFTER mains OK time delay DGCB is SWITCHED OFF and EBCB is SWITCHED ON
    • COOL DOWN time starts. DG Gensets is run for some time on ON LOAD. Gen LED Glow
    • DG Gensets is stopped .Set Run LED blink fast
    • Once DG Gensets is completely stopped. SET RUN LED turns OFF

  • On Mains Failure EBCB is SWITCHED OFF
  • No CRANKING for starting
  • Only manual start push button is worked if requirement of Gensets start
  • If DG starts in manual mode then LOAD will be transferred on Genset. (LOAD on DG)

Booster LED (two colors LED - Green & Red)
  • Crank Signal When on Green : It goes on whenever AMF Panel cranks the DG Gensets.
  • Solenoid Signal When on Red : It goes on whenever AMF Panel operates the Stop solenoid.

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Combined AMF Panel Relay Type:- With Auto Changeover 63 A. & 100 A.

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